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Как я попала в Америку Что я заметила, так это стоит впустить в жизнь изменения, и дальше оно как попрет, как попрет, что самой захочется...


Снежные покатушки в новом году Наконец-то после долгого перерыва удалось замечательно покататься! Свободный день, у всех праздник, машин мало,...


Istanbul - by impressed Ukrainian girl =) My suitcase is already hidden under my bed, I really hope that not for long. Istanbul was awesome, amazing, incredible. So beautiful from all that hills and nice places which Chengiz showed me. Sometimes...


Путешествие в Стамбул - прибытие Свершилось! :) Мое первое путешествие самолетом, за границу, и в каучсерфинге! Отпуск, ослепительный Стамбул,...


My first Couch Surfing and the matter of trust "We started CouchSurfing with a crazy idea in mind. We thought that maybe, just maybe, the world could be changed one couch at a time.   5,766,182 inspiring experiences later, we couldn't be more sure...


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Metal Head’s Mission 2013 — impressions by Black Cat

Posted on : 11-08-2013 | By : BlackCat | In : Мероприятия, события, Метал, Настроение, Путешествия

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So.. All is over now and I am home sitting with my notebook and wondering how I should start my story.

I decided to begin in english, as I spoke it much during the festival and I don’t want this experience to be lost in everyday life.

I made new friends, met extremely interesting and opened people from other countries and realized once again that life is an easy wonderful game and the world is a small and friendly place.

I came back yesterday evening, brought my stuff home and went to take back my hairless sphynx cat from the pet hotel. I missed her much and could not wait any longer.

Than of corse was shower, bottle of beer, smoking and unpacking my bag. And long sleeping in my cozy bed.

And now all the fotos are ready and I want to make a little story from Metal Heads Mission 2013.

As always I couldn’t think that it will be so delightful.

I entered the driveway near the Solnyshko at 11 a.m. 31th of July exhausted and covered with road dust. I was driving for 7 hours since 4 oclock in the morning and was ready to kill for cold drink and shower.

It took some time to find  place for living, but I was lucky and even got the room in a small hotel when some bands and festival staff  stayed during MHM.

So how it begins =)

After discovering local shore and nearby shops I got few hour rest and went to the tent camp for our traditional MHM forum dinner.