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Metal Head’s Mission 2013 — impressions by Black Cat

Posted on : 11-08-2013 | By : BlackCat | In : Мероприятия, события, Метал, Настроение, Путешествия

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So.. All is over now and I am home sitting with my notebook and wondering how I should start my story.

I decided to begin in english, as I spoke it much during the festival and I don’t want this experience to be lost in everyday life.

I made new friends, met extremely interesting and opened people from other countries and realized once again that life is an easy wonderful game and the world is a small and friendly place.

I came back yesterday evening, brought my stuff home and went to take back my hairless sphynx cat from the pet hotel. I missed her much and could not wait any longer.

Than of corse was shower, bottle of beer, smoking and unpacking my bag. And long sleeping in my cozy bed.

And now all the fotos are ready and I want to make a little story from Metal Heads Mission 2013.

As always I couldn’t think that it will be so delightful.

I entered the driveway near the Solnyshko at 11 a.m. 31th of July exhausted and covered with road dust. I was driving for 7 hours since 4 oclock in the morning and was ready to kill for cold drink and shower.

It took some time to find  place for living, but I was lucky and even got the room in a small hotel when some bands and festival staff  stayed during MHM.

So how it begins =)

After discovering local shore and nearby shops I got few hour rest and went to the tent camp for our traditional MHM forum dinner.

Must admit this dinner is mostly drinking evening where everybody share drinks they took from home =)

So i was so happy to see all and everybody welcomed me offering to try they drink… very delicious drinks ) That was the only night when I almost got drunk. And the only night when I met almost all my MHM-pals all together in one place.

All the rest of festival time I was staying close to the stage, trying to catch nice shots on my camera, or just walking to the beach to watch the stars and to the bar to get new cold portion of beer.

And after the show I spent time in a good company of musicians and forum friends, coming back home to the hotel with the sun rise.

I can’t say that I enjoyed all the music, as brutal and grind death are not my style, but regardless my preferences I enjoyed the atmosphere, the power of guitar sound flowing on me.

When I got tired, I was just sitting somewhere on the beach or parapet and watching the passers-by. It was delighful as almost all people was wearing clothes not usual in everyday life — I was staring at all this long hair, tattoes, heavy boots, torn jeans, leather, etc.

Another good thing was the atmosphere in local bars — I mean when you come there, doesn’t matter alone or with company — there is always someone who begins to talk to you. And there is always metal music playing from huge speakers — something very dear like Pantera or Sepultura.

You never  find such mucis in my home city pubs.

As I mostly walked alone, lot of people was talking to me, offering drinks and asking if something happened as I look upset. But I was just tired =)

One more pleasant thing that made an impression from all the festival was communication with foreigners.

I met polish bands Epitome and Vedonist — and they rememebered me from the past years of after show communication and were insisting on another iteration this year =)

Then I made friends with mexican band ItSelf — Ricardo, Estevan, Paco, Paolo, Ivan and Manulu. We spent lot of time togehther — seeing the show, making fotos, walking and drinking. I was translating for them helping their communication with fans, with barmen, and even with the girls =)

Most helpful thing I did — I went with them and festival driver to their broken bus with intention to find the problem and fix it. I was translator and coordinator again and all together we found the solution, that helped the guys leave for home next morning.

I must honestly say that they had a problem in the middle of Ukraine again and  their car had to be towed from place near Uman till Haisyn.

My ability to be helpful in someways, to resolve some issues and again an intention to get nice pictures made me think that I could do more and I could ask for accreditation next time — if I’ll go to the MHM next time of course.

For example comparing my own pictures with those made by some accreditated fotographers showed that I succeed in many cases — I do have good pics — in condition of poor light, flashing, smoke on the stage and fires burning on the stage close to my camera. If I had a permition to come closer I could be able to make incredible things!

Another thing — I could interview bands for a magazines and MHM site also. Not leading bands, just guys like those mexican musicains — they all have such interesting stories and facts of their life. Let us say, they made 65 hours trip on the bus with only one driver — their guitarist Ricardo. 65 hours in common — isn’t it makes an impression? Last night of their festival they had to stay in the bar because of problems with the bus. The MHM management doesn’t pay for their places in a hotel so they had no place to go.

«Una noche en el bar»

This was the matter of 200 hryvnyas only. They had the lack of money even for their last meal that day — as the bus was requiring repair on the station in Eupatoria.

I mean, I could be able to write of some facts for web magazine and official site or I could arrange the prolongation of the hotel.

Besides, there is only one option to have dinner on the territory of the Solnyshko complex — it is local  eatery. So there is a possibility to work out a separate  food supply for bands as to buy ingredients will be much more cheaper than to buy prepared meals in eatery.

But these are only ideas =) For a while.

Anyway this festival gave me much — interesting communication, beliefe in owns potency, motivation and step out of my personal comfort zone.

Thanks to mexican guys and Rafael and they stories of moving to other countries to live I’ve got the impression that world is smaller and more opened than I thought.

Thanks to spanich talkings I’ve got the intention to learn second foreign language.

And full of hopes and dreams again =)

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