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My first Couch Surfing and the matter of trust "We started CouchSurfing with a crazy idea in mind. We thought that maybe, just maybe, the world could be changed one couch at a time.   5,766,182 inspiring experiences later, we couldn't be more sure...


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My first Couch Surfing and the matter of trust

Posted on : 29-08-2011 | By : BlackCat | In : Couch Surfing, Вождение, Настроение, Отношения, Путешествия, Треп

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«We started CouchSurfing with a crazy idea in mind. We thought that maybe, just maybe, the world could be changed one couch at a time.   5,766,182 inspiring experiences later, we couldn’t be more sure of it.»

Well, while I have many of my thoughts in English, after  so much language practise, I decided to write it down here.

Saturday was my very first experience of hosting someone according to the Couch Surfing project!

We communicated via email about a week, sharing the things we like as well as some individual kinds of world perception.

I appreciated the facts that he likes Kusturica movies, festival non-hollywood movies and that he bought a car for the same reasons as I did. And he was interested in local modern culture and music. He wanted to learn more, to see more, to be «inside» Ukraine, not only watching usual places for sightseeing.

Though, I was not sure that my guest will come till the evening, almost till 5 oclock.

Cengiz (he is 28, from Istanbul) was going to come to Kharkiv at midnight and then to rent a car there and to begin his travelling only from that moment. So it was all uncertained — if he gets a car, if it would be too late, if he changes his plan and stay in Kharkiv.  I did not know anything for sure, so I was going to spend my time at home during the day and then to go to the open air festival «Fireman» on the Dnepr’s foreland and have a lot of fun there till the night or even till  early morning.

I was thinking and reading and doing some activities about the house almost the whole day and I became a little tired and lazy — there are even so doubts about the festival appeared as the evening comes closer.

And then Cengiz called me on my mobile — he finally bought the life mobile card and was able to connect me. I was a bit surprised actually, hearing  a little husky male voice, telling my name and speaking English words :)

So unusual!

So as soon as he got the rented car, he moved in a Dnipropetrovsk direction, relying on the marks in Google maps, which I gave him recently before his departure from Istanbul.

And yet, I was thinking that he overestimates his driving abilities and the ukrainian roads surface, so I supposed he will come not earlier then 6 p.m.  Buuuuut… He did it! He found my house without problems and came earlier. He called me by the intercome and few minutes later I was already hugging that tired stranger :) The first thing that I noticed in him — his sparkling eyes despite of his tiredness.

So, he took a shower, changed his clothes and then we were sitting at my kitchen, drinking milky coffee and talking.

I can repeat many times, but I’m not able to describe how unusual it was — to see totally unfamiliar face against me and to try understand his briefly speaking. His English was a really good, and I had to take an effort to understand almost on each his sentence.

 So, we decided to do come to the festival, the more he was going to drive us there by rented Ford Focus.

So we did.