Black Cat

Few words about me

In Russian

In real life my name is Olya and living life to the fullest is my main occupation =)

My life experience is quit big for my years, there was different situations, which developed my relations with other people, finally I understood how I should place my priorities.
I understood that my life is right here and right now and I want to savor and enjoy each moment of it - and all depends on me.

I understood that a person chooses the role to play in this life, in this reality. And there is no unified, general value system for all, and you should build on itself.

That's why I'm triyng to live my time extremely bright and juicy, absorbing all impressions and having fun from all I do.

And that's why I have so many hobbies and things which make me happy - driving a Ponchik (my Hyundai accent), his improvements, repair, caring, buying new details and so on. As well as travelling by car around Ukraine.

I love to experiment with photography, but quit carelessly, because the the purpose is "catching" the dear moments of my life and "preserving" my impressions.

Also I read a lot - the most loved authors are Milan Kundera, Francoise Sagan, Erich Maria Remarque, Chuck Palahniuk, Ray Bradbury and Andrzej Sapkowski

From time to time I dive in books on self-development, psychology and literature of the genre of OSO, Zealand, or Sviyash (honestly do not know how to identify these genre)

I can't live without music - I love different aggressive hard and metal music - for example Sepultura, Diablo, Dissection, Behemoth, Thy Disease, Children of Bodom, Muse, Crionics, Flying, and more gentle music such as Evanescence, Fleur; besides I adore songs with acoustic guitar - here the band Splin leads =)

Also I was fond of dancing - I was engaged in salsa with great suссess more than 6 months, but after buying the Ponchic there came the necessity to get driving license, I gradually ceased to attend salsa classes. Now I began to think of returning to my dancing lessons and my heart skips a beat at the sound of latin...

And of course I'm fond of Web design within the need to implement my ideas about personal website, blog, posting photos, and so on.