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Как я попала в Америку Что я заметила, так это стоит впустить в жизнь изменения, и дальше оно как попрет, как попрет, что самой захочется...


Снежные покатушки в новом году Наконец-то после долгого перерыва удалось замечательно покататься! Свободный день, у всех праздник, машин мало,...


Istanbul - by impressed Ukrainian girl =) My suitcase is already hidden under my bed, I really hope that not for long. Istanbul was awesome, amazing, incredible. So beautiful from all that hills and nice places which Chengiz showed me. Sometimes...


Путешествие в Стамбул - прибытие Свершилось! :) Мое первое путешествие самолетом, за границу, и в каучсерфинге! Отпуск, ослепительный Стамбул,...


My first Couch Surfing and the matter of trust "We started CouchSurfing with a crazy idea in mind. We thought that maybe, just maybe, the world could be changed one couch at a time.   5,766,182 inspiring experiences later, we couldn't be more sure...


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Why I am single and not looking for someone

Posted on : 02-12-2011 | By : BlackCat | In : Отношения, Рефлексии, Треп

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As now I have lots of virtual interlocutors from different countries because of my activity in international sites accounts, and so often I get a question why am I single and why I am not looking for relations and not feeling lonely, I decided to give a detailed answer here.

And to get rid of too many «friendship offers»  which I  don’t trust.

I had few experiences of serious long-term relations and living together.
All that relations are over now.

And I clearly realised that I will try again with the person of certain type only and I am not going to waste my time, emotions and efforts on someone else.

I know what I want. And no matter how old I am, I won’t get into relations just because «it is time to create a family».

And I am not searching. I am living, enjoying the life and staying flexible and open to new happenings and new people.

So my type is..

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