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Why I am single and not looking for someone

Posted on : 02-12-2011 | By : BlackCat | In : Отношения, Рефлексии, Треп

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As now I have lots of virtual interlocutors from different countries because of my activity in international sites accounts, and so often I get a question why am I single and why I am not looking for relations and not feeling lonely, I decided to give a detailed answer here.

And to get rid of too many «friendship offers»  which I  don’t trust.

I had few experiences of serious long-term relations and living together.
All that relations are over now.

And I clearly realised that I will try again with the person of certain type only and I am not going to waste my time, emotions and efforts on someone else.

I know what I want. And no matter how old I am, I won’t get into relations just because «it is time to create a family».

And I am not searching. I am living, enjoying the life and staying flexible and open to new happenings and new people.

So my type is..

Appearance doesnt matter so much, but i will desribe what men I prefer — north type, tall and strong, like vikings, with broad chest, piercing gaze, strong jaw, free motions and something wild and animal inside.

Person with willpower, with strong character and ability to take care of himself and give a helping hand to beloved when beloved person goes through hard times.

Sometimes serious, when its needed, but having good sence of humor and able to show his inner child when there is right mood.

Calm, wise and reasonable as a result of life experience, but sometimes unpredictable while letting his feelings out.

Able to share strong drink and peaceful talking of the deep issues (life, relations, world perception)

Able to go out just to see the stars or to walk under the rain, or to drink shampaign celebrating that we are alive and can feel all this amazing things around us.

Person interested in something more deep and difficult than hollywood movies and reading cheesy novelettes.

Person with indentity I’d love to discover, with his own tastes for music, books, movies, lifestyle, clothes, appearance and parfumes.

Person who knows what he wants and goes for it.

Financially independent — that means having his own place for living and inviting friends or being alone, able to come true his wants, plans, desires, able to travel abroad, with me or without me. Able to join me in that travellings. And, for the same reason — having his own transport, car or motorbike not only to join me, but to offer a ride, a travel, vacation.

Trustworthy man responsible for his words — as I am deadly tired from «blah-blah-blah» that never comes true. Less words — more actions.

Manly enough not to sort things out because of every slight reason but to tell things straight instead of taking offence for hours and killing my nerves.

Noble enough not to parasitize on making someone feeling guilty, pity, owing or conscientious without reason.

Self esteemed and proud enough not to show himself helpless and weak to get what he wants.

High-minded and manfull enough to take a first step and to give a strong hug to a woman when she is weak, frightened or desperate and can’t calm down.

And if such man comes to my life, I would desperately fall in love with him, so I am not even sure if I want him in my real life or not ;)

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Ничё так требования — но обычно если нет одного есть второе, нет второго есть третье — но всё сразу!?

Для женщины в жизни немногое надо:
Чтоб в сумочке были духи и помада,
Браслетик и тени, чтоб взгляд был разящий,
На пальце в кольце бриллиант настоящий.
Нарядов немного… Зачем задаваться?
Чтоб за год не больше трех раз повторяться.
Чтоб кофе в постель с круасаном хрустящим
Любви как в кино, только чтоб настоящей.
Работать чтоб с часу, ведь утром так спится,
А в два по домам, чтоб по ходу скупиться.
Ведь шопинг у женщин полезен безмерно
Системе центральной, моментами нервной.
В квартире достаток, под цвет глаз машина…
Но главное умный, достойный мужчина!!!
Который подарит помаду и тени,
Кольцо с бриллиантом, привстав на колени.
Пригонит машину, обставит квартиру,
В любви фору даст даже Ричарду Гиру.
А если таких еще нету на свете,
То пусть хоть подарит тюльпанов букетик,
А все остальное мужскими руками
Тихонько доделают женщины сами.


Не совсем все сразу, только приоритетные пункты.

И я этого заслуживаю ;)

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